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The Live Video Toolkit is your essential guide to helping you plan out your live video content strategy with ease whilst providing you the roadmap to setting up and going live like a pro.

This Live Video Toolkit Will Include...

• PART 1 – What equipment to use to get started.

• PART 2 – A Live Video Content Planner Template.

• PART 3 – A Content Strategy Checklist.

• PART 4 – Power Intro Checklist (Designed to help you craft your live video introductions)

• PART 5 – Power Outro Checklist (Designed to help you structure your closing live video statement with Calls to Action).

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Meet Janine.

Janine Cummings is an Author, Live Video Strategist and Business Coach, and the Founder of Boss It Live. She is passionate about coaching and empowering Business Owners, Creatives and Entrepreneurs in building a strong and cohesive marketing strategy on social media through the power of live video. Janine also has a combined following across social media of over 50K, is a known leader in the live video space and has built an international client base since starting her business in 2017.

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